Barcoding Systems Can Be a Sound Investment for Small-Scale Facilities

The benefits of barcoding systems make them well worth the investment for major companies, but what about smaller businesses that don’t have such generous budgets?

Many smaller businesses are pleasantly surprised to learn that barcoding technology is not really as expensive as they thought. In fact, the value and the expected return on investment are often high enough to justify such a move. Here is a look at the top three benefits that a barcoding system can bring a business of any size.

Improving Your Inventory Accuracy

If your warehouse’s accuracy level does not reach 90 percent, or you are unable to say for sure what inventory you have, barcoding technology that is integrated with warehouse management systems is a great way to boost not only inventory accuracy, but also awareness. This can help you streamline your picking and receiving processes and help cut the amount of stock that you need to keep in the warehouse.

Making Data Collection Faster

Once you implement a barcoding system, the efficiency of your data collection process can be greatly enhanced because you can eliminate the need to enter data manually. Studies show that human data entry carries an error rate of around one in 300. Compare this with the error rate of barcodes at an impressive one in 2,000,000, and the best course of action is clear. When you cut down on the number of errors made in data entry, you’ll have far more accurate information at your disposal on which to base your decisions.

Bringing Operational Efficiency to New Heights

Travel is one of the biggest costs involved in order picking. When workers must walk far between picks or the product has a long journey through the warehouse, it can have a big impact on performance. Switching to a barcoding system and redesigning your facility’s layout can help reduce the redundant efforts and product touch points seen in the picking process, leading to improvements in efficiency and cost savings.

To learn more about barcoding in small scale facilities, download the whitepaper from our partner, IntelliTrack.

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