Barcoding, Inc. and Samsung Join Forces

Our supply chain experts have now joined forces with electronics giant Samsung to bring our customers even higher levels of reliability throughout the supply chain. The exciting collaboration will let us provide an improved end-user experience to our clients in hospitality, events, distribution, manufacturing and retail thanks to Samsung’s impressive list of cutting-edge smartphones, tablets, and accessories.

In addition, our StayLive and GoLive service lines will help our customers master the use of mobile devices from Samsung by initiating and managing device lifecycles. Our GoLive Services enable customers to get their devices up and running in a snap without losing time on configuration or even charging. Our team of experts are well-versed in hardware inspection, kitting, system testing, asset tagging, cellular activations, and software loading, freeing up businesses to focus on other tasks.

Our StayLive services, meanwhile, serve as the perfect complement to GoLive, making easy work of managing thousands of devices by providing clients with help for everything from breakdowns to inventory issues. Customers enjoy proactive information that helps them boost their productivity while keeping operational costs down.

Our Vice President of Business Development, Ken Currie, said the collaboration will help us leverage Samsung’s well-earned reputation for reliability to bring clients unprecedented levels of consistent access to real-time data so they can run their businesses intelligently. He praised Samsung’s Knox products for their configurability and flexibility, something that is sure to benefit clients big and small.

Continuing Long Tradition of Excellence

We have been providing supply chain innovations to some of the world’s top businesses for two decades. Our areas of expertise include data capture, RFID, software services, supply chain analytics and architecture, client services and consumables. Headquartered in Baltimore, we have helped tens of thousands of companies across a variety of industries to save on operational costs, boost their revenue, and give customers a great experience.

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