Barcoding Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry

barcode pillsRecently, I wrote about the Pharmacode, a barcode often used in the pharmaceutical industry, but there are still a number of issues regarding compliance, counterfeiting, and regulatory issues in the industry.

Part of the regulations being imposed on the pharmaceutical industry involve barcoding. Over the next few years, it will become mandatory that all drugs packaged for hospitals must be barcoded at the dose level, preventing the administration of the wrong drug or dose. Distribution of samples, counterfeiting, and clinical trials are also other issues that need to be addressed.

In order to handle constantly evolving regulations and standards, many pharmaceutical manufacturers are taking advantage of enterprise mobility solutions such as hand-held mobile computers. By implementing such solutions, manufacturers have been able to not only comply, but also reduce the total number of errors, track and trace all instances of the drugs, and better manage inventory and workforce.

With something as tangible as the pharmaceutical industry, it’s important to move from a paper-based system of tracking to an automated one, reducing the amount of errors, which ultimately protects patients, hospital stall, and pharmaceutical companies alike.

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