Barcoding Inc and SC-ID Join Forces to Help Supply Chains

We recently announced a new partnership with mobile computing hardware reseller SC-ID, LLC. This strategic partnership will bring more than a decade of collaboration between the two companies to the next level.

The new partnership will give Barcoding, Inc. responsibility for helping government agencies and businesses to choose and deploy mobile computing solutions that will enhance the global supply chains of their clients. Some of the Barcoding client services that will be offered include the popular GoLive Services and StayLive Services.

SC-ID, which is owned by SCL Holdings, Inc., was founded in 1996. The firm makes use of RFID and barcode technologies to help supply chains improve their efficiency and achieve better visibility. Their headquarters are in Annapolis, Maryland.

The CEO and President of SCL Holdings, Mike Saldi, said that his firm was now exclusively focusing on its software business, SCLogic, LLC. He added that they were looking to partner with a firm that would give their customers the same outstanding service they offer, and Barcoding, Inc. fit the bill.

Systems integrator Barcoding, Inc. was founded in 1998 and specializes in developing and managing solutions that help supply chains improve their connectivity and accuracy. Some of our areas of expertise include Automatic Identification (AIDC), Supply Chain Architecture and Analytics, Software, Professionals Services, and Consumables. We have offices throughout the country and is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

In a joint press release announcing the exciting new partnership, Shane Snyder, president, highlighted his firm’s prowess in end-to-end implementations and helping clients throughout the entire process, from choosing hardware platforms to servicing and supporting them long after their implementation. He said that he feels the new partnership will allow them to help SC-ID’s clients maximize their connectivity, accuracy and efficiency by offering them their comprehensive support services.

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