Barcoding, Inc.’s New Acquisition, NV3 Technologies, Relaunching as POWER UP

Barcoding, Inc. recently announced its acquisition of charging tech experts NV3 Technologies, which they will relaunch as POWER UP.

Barcoding, Inc. CEO Jay Steinmetz said that his firm realized the tremendous potential of NV3 after working with them on an RFID-tagged charging solution for a music festival. The fact that both companies are based in Baltimore made working together an even more attractive idea.

The firm that is now known as POWER UP was founded by Scott Calhoun and Ryan E. Doak, and it is focused on “connecting moments that matter”. Their kiosks, trailers, charging tables, lockers and power banks have transformed device charging in places like airports, hospitals, bars, trade shows, restaurants, conference centers and music festivals. They work directly with clients to develop customized charging experiences that can contain preloaded images and video, which are then sent to the client completely ready for action. Barcoding’s resources will allow the firm to keep delivering the premium technology it is known for.

Expanding Their Reach

POWER UP Co-founder Ryan E. Doak said that he was thrilled about the move to become part of industry leader Barcoding, Inc. He feels their experience, knowledge and resources will help them to expand their offerings throughout the world. He added that POWER UP will maintain NV3 Technologies’ strong corporate values and continue to give current customers the outstanding support they expect.

Supply chain innovation and automation experts Barcoding, Inc. aim to bring organizations greater levels of connectivity, efficiency and accuracy by focusing on areas such as Data Capture, Supply Chain Analytics, Consumables, Supply Chain Architecture, Software Services, and RFID. Their reach extends to tens of thousands of firms, many of which use their solutions to boost revenue and customer services while curbing operational costs. The firm was founded in 1998 and has offices throughout the country.

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