Barcoding, Inc. Predicts 2017’s Top Trends in RFID

Supply chain efficiency leader Barcoding, Inc. has brought in expert Patrick Richgels to help expand our RFID practice. His experience with passive ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID makes him uniquely qualified to design, implement, and assess tracking solutions for the firm’s clients across a range of industries. His hiring can be interpreted as a signal of the strong role the company believes that the technology will play in the supply chain in the near future.

Here is a look at the two biggest trends that we expect to play a central role in RFID and will have an effect on applications in the years to come.

Low Energy Bluetooth

Low Energy Bluetooth beacons and readers are expected to expand dramatically moving forward, particularly in the form of an active RFID system that can report the movement of high-value assets through an organization. In fact, Barcoding, Inc. envisions many possible uses for its Active Asset Tracker Solution. This innovative offering makes use of CloudNodes and BLE beacons to quickly capture location data without the need for much on-site engineering.

Wide Area RFID Systems

Barcoding foresees the expansion of passive RAIN RFID systems in the coming years. They believe that this will entail mounting base readers overhead in order to keep track of the location and movements of inventory. Barcoding, Inc. feels that this method will soon become the most popular approach for companies in fields where the more traditional portals are not sufficient for keeping track of important items. This could include distribution, retail and manufacturing environments.

This year, we are hoping to build on a successful 2016. Barcoding, Inc. has helped more than 200 companies in fields such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, government and distribution to implement RFID technology.

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