Barcoding, Inc. & IntelliTrack Partner with AACC Dance Company Studio

Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) needed a better way to manage the inventory in their dance studio. Kipp Snow, the college’s head of logistics, reached out to us and asked if there was a way to become more efficient, accurate, and connected. We said yes, of course! Partnering with the Transportation, Logistics, and Cargo Security Program students and faculty, we created their new Dance Studio Barcode Warehouse.

The Warehouse

The Dance Studio Barcode Warehouse solution gives the college’s Dance Department an efficient check in/check out process and an inventory control process for their clothing, costumes, and other items.

The Department previously stored these items in cabinets, but the new system places the items on racks and shelves, in bins, and labeled bags. Each item was also labeled with a barcode. To do this, everyone involved helped remove all of the items from inventory and then enter specific data about each item into the new system.

Now, the Dance Department can see in real-time what pieces are still in inventory and what has been issued out to students thanks to IntelliTrack’s WMS solution. This will help the Department save time looking for pieces within inventory, and reduce the amount of time it takes to issue out and check in items.

Moreover, the warehouse will help students outside of the Dance Department. Students in the Transportation, Logistics, and Cargo Security Program were able to assist in the implementation of the barcode warehouse. The students were able to gain real world experience on exactly how to improve warehouse functionality by implementing logistics technology first-hand.


Creating the warehouse was a tremendous collaboration around AACC’s campus. Funding for the new equipment was donated by the Office of Student engagement, and we donated a PC, barcode scanner, a hand-held tracking device, and our implementation specialists. Additionally, the college organized student interns and service learning students to assist with the project.

Grand Opening Celebration

AACC held a grand opening for the warehouse on April 28th. Members of our team were able to attend, and everyone had the opportunity to tour the new facility and see a demonstration of the technology at work!

See a Facebook Live video of the event here.

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