Barcoding, Inc. Offers Grad Students a Real-World Competition

Early this year, our president Jay Steinmetz presented the idea for a case study to University of Baltimore Professor Eusebio Scornavacca. The case study was modeled around our new Active Asset Tracker (AAT) system, which can track a company’s physical assets using Bluetooth Smart technology, giving a precise, real-time inventory. The competition was offered to graduate-students in Scornavacca’s Information Security Management course. They were required to do two things: carefully analyze the AAT system and decide which industries it can benefit most.

The Case Study Results

Steinmetz was actively involved with the students over the course of the competition, and communicated with them via online question-and-answer sessions.

Of his involvement, he said, “I definitely enjoyed working with the students and learned a few new things myself. It played right into our mission.”

The winning team focused on AAT’s data security. They discussed Bluetooth technology’s weaknesses, and pointed out some key areas where we can boost AAT’s security features. This is exactly the type of intuition we were looking for. The team also made a recommendation of one industry to consider marketing AAT to.

This team consisted of graduate students Tammy Cho, Christopher Gulatto, and Christopher Themak, who we awarded a prize of $1,000 for their efforts.

“Some of the material and technology was new to us, so it upped the expectation to increase our knowledge base in order to make sound recommendations to the company,” said Themak.

With a brand new system like AAT, it’s important to get a broad range of insight. University of Baltimore’s graduate students provided just that.

This blog post was based off an article from the University of Baltimore. The original can be viewed here.