Barcoding, Inc. Improves Patient Experience with RFID

Barcoding, Inc. was recently featured in the Baltimore Sun for our RFID technology being used in electronic medical record keeping.

Better Day Health, a startup based in New Orleans, is teaming up with Barcoding, Inc. in order to use RFID to automate the collection of medical data during doctor’s visits, which would allow for more quality physician time with patients.

The Technology
By combining RFID technology with voice recognition and Web-based cloud and mobile technology, doctors no longer need to waste time typing in patient information. A device will be able to decipher patient voices and automatically input the information into electronic medical records.

RFID: Not Just for the Supply Chain
While most people think of inventory and supply chain management when it comes to RFID, it is actually often used as hospitals as well. However, this specific application is new and Barcoding and Better Day Health believe that the new system will improve operations at medical facilities and make the patient experience more personable.

Improving the Patient Experience
“If you aren’t doing the data entry, the doctor likes his job more and the patient is getting more eyeball time with the doctor,” said Ken Currie, vice president of business development for Barcoding.

After a year of testing and improving the system, it’s now ready to market to doctor’s offices and hospitals.

“As Maryland’s hospitals transform to improve patient experience, extend care beyond their four walls and reduce the cost of care, technology does and will continue to play a critical role in the care delivery process,” said Nicole Stallings, vice president of policy & data analytics for the Maryland Hospital Association.

“It’s exciting to see how new developments in medical and consumer technology can improve the relationship between hospitals and patients, and between hospitals and their communities,” she said. “Advancements in technology are part of an ever-growing set of tools that hospitals employ to achieve their goal of providing people the right care, at the right time, in the right place.”

Additional Information
Learn more about how Barcoding, Inc. and Better Day Health teamed up to create this innovative data collection solution for doctors.

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