Barcoding, Inc. Brings Unparalleled Supply Chain Reliability with Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2

Barcoding, Inc. customers can find new levels of supply chain reliability thanks to Samsung’s portfolio of high-quality devices. In particular, the Galaxy Tab Active2 rugged tablet is well suited for environments like warehouses, retail locations, transportation, and distribution centers thanks to its integrated barcode scanning solutions.

This device is ready for a range of tough environments, whether you’ll be subjecting it to icy conditions, dust, fog, temperature extremes, vibrations, or even salt. It’s IP68 rating means you’ll never have to worry about dust or water; and fact, it can survive 30 minutes in water that is 5 feet deep without skipping a beat.

Its water-resistant S Pen² makes jotting down digital notes, capturing signatures and sketching ideas a breeze. It also offers a glove mode so users can take advantage of its enhanced touch options while also protecting their hands from the elements. One task users won’t need hands for is unlocking the device; its facial recognition ability means that people can unlock their tablets with just a glance.

The Galaxy Tab Active2 Shines in Transportation

It’s a great choice for transportation companies that have a large fleet thanks to the possibility of integrating ELD software. This ELD solution is a snap to set up and use, so companies can easily comply with ELD mandates. Meanwhile, adapters, rugged cases, and vehicle mounts make the device convenient to use wherever workers happen to be.

The Tab Active2 offers unparalleled security thanks to Samsung’s proprietary security platform, Samsung Knox, which keeps your data secure and prevents hackers from accessing your information.

Moreover, their cloud-based management solution enables the remote configuration of devices, updates, and security patches so that managing hundreds of devices is just as easy as managing one.

The Galaxy Tab Active2 is available with LTE or Wi-Fi and it boasts an 8-inch main display, 1.6 GHz Octacore processor, 3 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage, which can be expanded to 256 GB with a microSD card. It features a 5-megapixel front camera, an 8-megapixel rear camera, and a removable battery.

Watch the video below to see the Galaxy Tab Active2 in action:

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