Barcoding, Inc. Announces New Business

Tattoos by Barcoding™ is the systems integrator’s latest and potentially most indelible endeavor

BALTIMORE – April 1, 2016 – Barcoding, Inc., a leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity, today announces that while it still loves serving enterprise customers with the supply chain solutions they need to be efficient, accurate, and connected; the company is stoked about a freshly inked deal for an even bigger opportunity for growth – barcode tattoos. Tattoos by Barcoding™ will provide unique, high-quality barcode tattoos, with affordable pricing options and an array of artistic designs. Plus they are guaranteed to scan!

CEO Jay Steinmetz explains, “Over the years, we’ve gotten many requests through our website for barcode tattoos, for a variety of body parts. It seems we were already lined with expertice in this area. With the rise of IoT, AI, M2M, Bluetooth, etc., it only seemed fitting to open a tattoo parlor to serve our customers’ needs better.”

Barcoding states that while serving customers with the best mobile supply chain solutions is great, it has an even better draw in the barcode tattoo market. As it turns out, Barcoding employees would practice drawing barcodes on each other just to see if they would scan. With the advent of 2D or QR codes, the company now sees a fancy barcode on every arm or leg, complete with scanner.

“We hope to become the top barcode tattoo parlor in the country, and by not drawing on each other anymore, we will avoid the excessive risk of HR issues,” Steinmetz added. “From there, we think millennials will take this to the next level. Should be huge!”

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Barcoding, Inc. is a systems integrator specializing in the development, deployment, and management of enterprise-wide solutions that drive efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity. We also love a good APRIL FOOL’s JOKE!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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