Barcoding Improves Inventory Control at Orthopedic Supply Manufacturer

DePuy Orthopedics needed to keep up with the times by establishing a labeling program, as many of their distributors and hospitals had already implemented automated receiving systems, requiring inventory to be barcoded before it reached receiving docks.

After searching for a solution, DePuy Orthopedics decided to get on-demand, high-performance thermal transfer barcode printers from Zebra Technologies, allowing them to minimize manual data entry, reduce shipping errors, and eliminate costly pre-printed forms.

Although DePuy Orthopedics originally sought a barcode solution to comply with the needs of their business partners, the solution actually improved the way they did business. DePuy is expecting to save over $100,000 in the cost of paper forms alone once all of their facilities upgrade to the barcode label solution. In addition, the plant is saving many thousands of dollars by reducing shipping errors, which had cost DePuy between $35 and $55 to correct per transaction. Prior to the solution, DePuy workers had to enter inventory and shipping information manually, causing an increased risk for errors and a long arduous process.

Now, over 93 percent of the factory’s yield ships with barcoded labels in place. Twenty demand-labeling systems generate product and shipping labels for five manufacturing sites in Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, and California, along with five printers in their Leeds, England facility.

The new labeling systems quickly helped DePuy Orthopedics cut inventory inaccuracies, slash data entry errors, and improve customer service.