Barcoding Helps Deploy Thousands of Tablets to Students

Barcoding, Inc. is pleased to announce a recent partnership with Learn It Systems. Together, Barcoding and Learn It will deploy and manage tablets for thousands of children throughout the US.

Learn It Systems works with schools to create online-offline learning solutions to support children that are struggling to learn. Students in the Learn It Online program receive custom online tutoring geared towards improve core skills, such as reading and math.

In order to more effectively deploy, track and support their tablets, Learn It Systems turned to Barcoding, Inc. Barcoding got to work by providing BOS (Barcoding Online Services, a web-based asset tracking application, and enterprise mobility management (EMM) software from long-time partner, SOTI.

Thanks to Barcoding’s help, Learn It Systems was able to:

  • Provide more than 7,000 tablets to students across the country
  • Gain real-time visibility into assets in the field and easily track locations, manage repairs, oversee rollouts and create reports
  • Save time and money by replacing the need for on-site software/hardware configuration through remote access

“Barcoding has been instrumental in helping us solve those challenges and implement a large-scale, one-to-one computing program in a relatively short period of time. We are now in the beginning stages of our second rollout with Barcoding and look forward to what the partnership will bring,” said Russell Lum, vice president of technology, Learn It Systems.

Martin Jack, CTO, Barcoding, commented, “Working with Learn It Systems has given Barcoding a unique opportunity for using our expertise in asset management. We are honored to help a community-minded, educational organization gain new efficiencies, while making sure that children have the tools needed to improve their academic performance.”

Learn more about Barcoding Inc. and Learn It Systems.