Barcoding Case Packs

I thought this was a good Question of the Week, for now I’ll provide a simple answer, but I’ll take a closer look at this symbology in the next few days.

QUESTION:  We are a rapidly growing company and recently we have decided to use barcoding on on our boxes to increase import and export efficiency. We will be using the UPC-A style barcode, but we would also like to barcode our case packs. Does the barcode have to be different so that when scanned it specifies that the carton is a master or a case pack? If so what type of barcode will it be?

ANSWER:  You can barcode your case packs with an SCC-14 barcode. This symbology is used for fixed content shipping containers and is also known as Shipping Container Code (SCC) among others. It is a 14 digit number based on UCC/EAN 128.  You can calculate an SCC-14 barcode from your UPC-A number.  I’ll be providing more information about this symbology in a few days, so keep on reading!