Barcoding Blog’s 1,000th Post: A Recap of Our Favorites

The Barcoding Blog, purveyor of all things barcode, RFID and automated data collection, celebrates its 1,000th post!

Today, the Barcoding Blog celebrates its 1,000th post! Thanks to you, our loyal readers, we’ve been able to create such a plethora of content, building a library of resources and initiating the conversation among industry leaders and barcode enthusiasts alike. Today, we reminisce with some of our most read posts and pages through the years in order of their popularity.

1) Fun with Barcodes
Everyone likes to have fun, so it comes as no surprise that the “Fun with Barcodes” category page is our most viewed page (aside from the homepage). The most fun of all posts in this category was the highly popular post on QR code wrapping paper. If your presents weren’t covered in black and white squares this past holiday season, then you need to catch up with the times!

2) The iPad, Bluetooth Barcode Scanners and RFID: How They Will Change Your Life
While this post was written a year and a half ago, it’s interesting to see that this topic has exploded. Because of an increased desire for mobility, the iPad is now being used in retail environments and is being connected to much more sophisticated barcode scanners, such as the Honeywell-LXE 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner.

3) QR Codes – Can They Be Reversed Out?
As QR codes have become increasingly popular in advertisements, marketers have been asking questions—and we’ve been answering! Our number three most read post explores the technicalities of reversing QR codes to white on black. Since the creation of this post, a lot has happened in the world of mobile barcodes. QR codes can successfully be read in all sorts of custom colors, shapes and sizes. Also, check out our posts on vector QR codes.

4) UPC vs. SKU
Our number four post addresses an all too common issue—confusing a UPC barcode with a SKU number. Basically, the UPC barcode is numeric and a SKU number is alpha-numeric. But you’ll have to read the post for all the juicy details!

5) RFID Readers
Rounding out our top five, RFID readers were still quite an emerging technology back in 2008. However, the content of this post is still relevant today—all of the basics are covered. But, now that its 2012, if you still haven’t considered implementing RFID technology, you should.

So, there you have it. Our top five posts in a nut shell. Share your favorite post, or ideas for future posts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.