Barcoding at Home: Groqit Personal Inventory Management

Groqit Personal Inventory ManagementIf you have a lot of stuff in your home and wish there was a better way to keep track of everything, then your solution has arrived. The Groqit Personal Inventory Management System can help you keep track of anything and everything, as long as it has a UPC barcode.

For example, if you’re out at a store, buying a book or movie, but you’re not sure if you already have it, simply scan the product and Groqit will compare its UPC to those in your inventory, letting you know if you already have the product or not.

Through Goqits website, you can create and share inventory lists, store all of your inventory, and download a copy to your computer for easy printing and filing. All of your lists are completely searchable and can be categorized.

If you want to purchase the Groqit Personal Inventory Management device, it is approximately $129.00, but check out the Groqit site for more information.

If this type of technology sounds familiar to you, you may be thinking of the CueCat, which was introduced by Radio Shack in the early 2000’s, but never really caught on. Feel free to post if you have a CueCat or Goqit and tell us your experiences with it!