Barcodes on Your Bottlecap?

Closure Systems International (CSI) manufactures a great deal of the bottle caps found on our everyday beverages—beer, juice, water, milk, soda, etc. Recently, CSI announced that they will be testing ScanCap, a system that uses ScanLife Micro EZcodes. The codes will be printed inside or outside of the bottle cap and will have the ability to link to the online content of the beverage company’s choosing.

Imagine picking up a soda, seeing the code, scanning it, and being directed to a poll that allows you to vote for the next great flavor. Or the cap of an organic juice could direct drinkers to a video on how the product was made with all natural ingredients. The marketing possibilities are endless!

Although this sounds like a great idea, one thing that is bothering me is that CSI chose to go with EZcode, which requires a proprietary scanner, unlike QR codes that can be scanned with a variety of different mobile barcode scanners. I realize there is a limited amount of space on a bottlecap, so it makes sense, in a way to go with the EZcode because it is compact, but QR codes can be resized to be fairly small and still maintain their scalability. Even if one was to go with a proprietary 2D barcode, I think Microsoft Tag has a bit more brand recognition than EZcode. While I sincerely hope their marketing efforts are not in vain, it would be nice to see standard QR codes on the bottlecaps.

Do you think going with a 2D barcode that requires a proprietary barcode scanner was a good idea for CSI? Let us know what you think by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.