Barcodes & NFC Combine for Secure Mobile Purchasing via FaceCash

Think Computer Corporation, a mobile payments provider, recently added Near Field Communication (NFC) support to its FaceCash Wallet mobile application on the Android platform, making it the first mobile payment system to support barcode and NFC technologies.

FaceCash combines barcodes with an image of the customer, so when retailers scan the barcode on the customer’s phone, they can easily check that the image of the customer in their computer system matches their appearance. FaceCash now supports NFC on its Android app, creating an easier way for consumers and businesses to pay and process transactions, all while providing the latest in security features.

Check out FaceCash here, and let us know if you would consider using FaceCash, or a similar mobile payment system, instead of the usual paper or plastic, by commenting here, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.