Barcodes in the Operating Room

We’ve all heard old urban legends about hospitals amputating the wrong leg, or perhaps even true stories of misdiagnosis due to clerical errors. In recent years, healthcare facilities have adopted the use of barcode labels, enabling staff to quickly, accurately and easily process samples and obtain patient information without worrying about misidentifications.
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However, using barcode labels to identify tissues and samples taken during surgery is less common. In order to instantly tag samples immediately after they leave the body, the operating room would need to be equipped with labeling devices that could be safely sterilized numerous times throughout the day.

Luckily, Zebra healthcare printers can stand up to 45 of the most commonly used hospital cleaning agents. In addition to the need for sterilization, a power supply would be needed. Medical grade power supplies offer increased patient safety, which Zebra healthcare printers comply with.

Using Zebra healthcare printers ensures proper power supply and sterilization safety, allowing doctors and nurses to print barcode labels straight from the operation table, increasing efficiency and patient safety flow.

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