Barcodes in the News: Week of 9/6

With mobile barcodes and rfid technology becoming more and more prevalent, barcodes and RFID have been taking the media by storm! Take a look at what’s been going on in the world of barcodes and RFID this week:

ZXing Barcode Scanner: Check out today’s review of the ZXing Team’s Barcode Scanner by the Washington Post.

JetBlue’s Barcoded Fin: JetBlue recently released its 10th tailfin design, entitled “Barcode.”

Barcodes at Fashion Week: Rather than holding onto a physical invitation, fashion week attendees will be able to check-in via barcodes on their smartphones!

There’s an app for that at Sam’s: Sam’s Club recently released an app for their locations that allows users to scan products and receive detailed description and pricing information.

RFID at the Library: The Frisco Public Library recently implemented an RFID system for checkout.

RFID Prevents Counterfeiting: Nigeria’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control recently approved an RFID system to authenticate pharmaceutical products in order to prevent counterfeiters and improve the safety and quality of medications sold.

Android Keyboard Barcode Scanner:
Allows you to scan barcodes directly from your keyboard without having to open an app.