Barcodes in Microsoft Office

msofficePeople often use Microsoft Office for barcode purposes. In order to insert a barcode manually, a side administrator would configure a barcode policy for a library, and the barcodes would be automatically generated on the server for the documents in that list. Once this is complete the barcode can be inserted by performing the following:

1. Open the Library
2. Choose the document you want, then click Edit and choose the program that you would like to use, i.e. Word, etc.
3. Place your cursor where you want to insert the barcode within the document.
4. Go to the Insert tab and choose barcode (this option only appears if a barcode policy is in effect for a server document)
5. Click the Microsoft Office button image, then choose Save.

For more information on inserting a barcode in Microsoft, learn more here.

In addition to inserting barcodes in Microsoft Office, barcode fonts can also be used. For the barcode novice, it is recommended that self-checking fonts such as Code 39 are used. Self-checking fonts have built-in checking codes, making them easier to use.

Once the barcode font is obtained, simply select the font in the font list and type the data, just be sure to include a start and stop character so that the barcode scanner knows where the barcode ends and begins.