Barcodes Help the Blind

Imagine looking in your pantry and not being able to see colors, logos or text. Most foods packaged foods are similar in shape and size, which is troublesome for the visually impaired. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

The app, Digit-Eyes, allows the visually impaired to use their iPhone, iPod or iPad to read UPC and EAN code to read product names and descriptions aloud.

In addition to food, Digit-Eyes works for clothing. A visually impaired or color blind person may not be able to easily tell if their clothes are matching, but Digit-eyes offers washable labels that scans and identifies the color of clothing.

More importantly than having a matching outfit is medicine bottles. Prescription bottles seem to all look and feel the same, but with the Digit-Eyes app, barcodes on the medications can be read aloud to reveal their contents.

Last but not least, there’s even QR code playing cards that can be used with the app… just don’t forget your headphones or Bluetooth earpiece!

The app is currently available in 10 different languages and is on sale in the app store for $9.99.