Barcodes for Bakers

Just as with any other industry, Bakers that mass-produce goods need to be able to easily ship, deliver and sell their goods once they leave the factory. At the Canadian Bakery Showcase, Zebra Technologies spoke with various companies in the baking industry, ranging from yeast suppliers to baked goods producers. Despite their differences, they all had one common belief; transitioning from handwritten receipt printing to being able to print transaction records or conduct transactions in the field would add up to a lot of time and money saved.

Just cutting out a few steps a day can add up to a lot of time in the course of a month or year. Aside from saving time, everyone agreed that handwriting errors and discrepancies would be eliminated with printed receipts.

Watch the below footage from the Canadian Bakery Showcase to hear more about Zebra’s mobile solutions for those in the baking industry.