Barcodes and RFID for Traceability


Tracking and tracing materials throughout the supply chain has become an important part of business today.  Using automated data collection not only makes this process more efficient, but can save you some green.  Track and trace systems have the ability to:


  • Keep unsafe foods and pharmaceuticals from consumers
  • Protect brands from counterfeiting
  • Validate products for specific consumers
  • Protect against bioterrorism
  • And more

The food industry in particular has been focusing more on increased traceability for consumer safety.  With the introduction of EPC (Electronic Product Code), more detailed product information can be encoded, allowing specific information for each item to be tracked.  GS1 has also created the Global Traceability Standard to identify items globally and in multiple supply chains.  This standard can answer questions such as:

  • Where did this product come from?
  • What customers have received a product from this batch/lot?
  • When was this product produced?

You can read more about the GS1 Global Traceability Standard and see how an effective track and trace system can benefit your business in the brochure for this standard.  For more information on implementing a system that utilizes barcodes and RFID for traceability, please contact me at