Barcodes a Huge Success at Fashion Week

If you read our “Barcodes in the News” post, then you know that barcodes were going to be featured for the first time at New York Fashion Week. After the weekend, it turns out that the barcodes were a great success!

In years past, Fashion Week attendees had to RSVP by e-mail or phone, then wait in long lines to receive their handwritten seating assignment from staff.

This year, in conjunction with the events’ relocation to the Lincoln Center, Fashion GPS was implemented. Fashion GPS allows attendees to click Yes or No to their website, check in at a kiosk, and then scan a barcode to receive their seating assignment.

By using barcodes, long lines were eliminated, in addition to the manual labor of handwritten invitation. In addition, Fashion GPS allows attendee tracking. For example, if someone who RSVP’d yes, but did not show up to the event, there is now full visibility.

The success of barcodes at Fashion Week is just another example of how barcodes and automation can perfect any process.

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