Barcoded Wristbands, for Infants!

While we’ve discussed barcoded patient wristbands, what about patients that need a bit more care? Infants can get barcoded wristbands just like the rest of us, but, according to a recent post from the Zebra Blog, some nurses fear that using new materials may not be safe for infants.

For years, barcodes have been printed on vinyl wristbands, since vinyl is non-abrasive and hypoallergenic, ensuring that a newborn’s skin won’t be damaged. Now, soft nylon materials are used, but since infants have such small wrists, there’s not much room on the wristband for information; hence, the need for barcodes.

When choosing wristbands for use on infants, check to make sure they are soft, adjustable and of course, scannable- a wristband with a flat surface print area that allows for easy barcode scanning from different angles is best.

For more information on barcode wristbands for infants, learn more here.