Barcode Verification Systems

This Question of the Week should help anyone having problems getting quality reads from barcodes.  It provides some possible causes and prevention tips.


I am having a few issues with UCC128 barcodes. It seems that every now and then the entire barcode is not read, only a portion of it. How can this be prevented from happening? I am new to barcodes but from what I read error checking is automatic on this format.


Without knowing all of the particulars, it could be a number of different things. Maybe a faulty element on the printhead (this could cause just one spot to print incorrectly), possibly a ribbon wrinkle or bad media. Having a bad printhead element can be pretty common. If you’ve been using your printer for awhile and haven’t changed the printhead, this could be the problem.

As far as preventing this from happening, investing in a barcode quality verification system might be a good idea. Depending on how valuable this barcode is to your operations, you could benefit from a verification system that ensures maximum reliability for all of your barcodes.

Barcode verification systems can be online or portable.  Online barcode verification systems analyze each barcode after it has printed to ensure that every barcode is scannable.  Portable barcode verification systems provide point and shoot spot checking of barcodes.  Both types of solutions are sure to improve quality, increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs.  If you’d like more information about online or portable barcode verification systems please contact me at