Barcode Scanning on the iPhone and Other Consumer-grade Devices

Barcode scanning on the iPhone, iPad or other consumer-grade mobile device is possible with the right POS solution.

As retail solutions continue to expand to once consumer-only devices, such as the iPhone or iPad, it seems as if everyone is looking for the right point of sale (POS) solution.

I recently came across a POS solution that allows for barcode scanning on the iPhone and other Apple devices, in addition to Blackberry, Android and Palm devices. Grabba offers attachments as a way to expand the capabilities of consumer-grade smartphones, offering solutions for data capture, verification or transaction processing.

Grabba attachments are even capable of making your iPhone or other consumer grade device compatible with RFID technology, infrared, signature capture and can feature a fingerprint reader.

Contact us if you want more information on how to turn your iPhone into a barcode scanner for your ideal POS solutions.