Barcode Scanning on the iPad

As more and more in the retail industry start to use iOS devices, such as the iPad, the need for scanning barcodes with such devices has soared. Aside from barcode scanning apps, which are predominantly meant for 2D barcodes such as QR codes, the iPad and other iOS devices can also scan 1D barcodes, which are more commonly used in retail environments.

While some barcode scanners can be cumbersome, and ergonomics may not always agree with employee hands, the Honeywell-LXE offers an easy to use, lightweight scanner that seamlessly integrates with the iPad. The Honeywell-LXE 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner can easily scan barcodes and transfer data into the iPad, using apps such as iScanBrowser, where data can be posted to a webpage. Using other apps, such as Mobile Grid, barcode data can be sent as an excel file to an email address or FTP server and posted to a server via SQL or XML.

Learn more about connecting the Honeywell-LXE 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner by watching the video below:

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