Barcode Scanning in Healthcare

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has made dramatic improvements in their day-to-day operations through the use of barcode scanning. Some of Honeywell’s most recent products, the Dolphin Black 70e and the Captuvo Sled, are ideal for healthcare environments.

AIDC technology in healthcare environments helps healthcare professionals make hospitals more effective, improving patient outcomes. The use of the right technology makes it possible to stay focused on patients.

Healthcare professionals need aidc products that are optimized for hospital environments—they need to move freely and not be restricted by cable and cord length. Because of this, 80% of hospitals use cordless barcode readers. Many of the barcode readers in hospitals, such as those on medication and wristbands, can be hard to scan, so its important to choose a barcode scanner that works well with hard-to-read barcodes. In addition to barcode scanning, healthcare professionals also need a way to communicate.

With the Honeywell Dolphin Black and the Captuvo, disinfectant housing is available and healthcare professionals are able to scan barcodes and communicate with ease with one ergonomic device.

Watch the video below to see Honeywell barcode scanning products make healthcare professionals’ jobs easier.