Barcode Scanning at the Supermarket

Barcode scanning at the supermarket is a quintessential function of the business—in fact; the very first barcode was used at a Supermarket in Troy, Ohio. Now, in addition to scanning 1D barcodes, supermarket scanners need to be able to scan 2D barcodes, i.e., the GS1 databar, which is the only barcode that allows for variable weight. Since variable weight is a key characteristic of produce, it’s important to have the prober scanning and weighing tools.

The Datalogic Magellan™ 8300 bi-optic barcode scanner is a 5-sided, high performance barcode scanner ideal for checkout environments that can easily be configured to use with a scale. Datalogic offers a scanner/scale combination called the All-Weighs® scale platter, which ensures accurate weighing at the POS.

The All-Weighs scale platter is available with two remote scale display options, a single display on a pole and a dual display on a single pole for applications that require separate displays for the customer and cashier. In addition, the barcode scanners are offered in three different lengths to accommodate different checkout setups.

Using the Datalogic All-Weighs solution ensures accurate weight, unlike typical scale platters that can under read weight between 1-3%, which ultimately results in lost revenue.

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