Barcode Scanning at College Fairs

barcodes for collegeIn the past, college fairs have been an intimidating thing to some high-schoolers, in addition to a disappointment to recruiters. Now, many colleges are looking to barcode scanners in order to help facilitate both students and recruiters alike. By assigning each student a barcode with information such as name, contact, high school, and academic interests, students can easily express interest in a school simply by scanning their barcode.

Currently, this technology is being adopted by the National Association of College Admissions Counseling, but has already been implemented by some colleges, such as Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Hope College has tested the barcode scanning technology at several fairs and generated quite a few leads by doing so. In fact, most of the other colleges at the fair had also rented barcode scanners in order to participate.

While some may argue that this would reduce the amount of human interaction, Admissions Counselors found that students were just as eager to hear about the school before they made an educated decision to scan or not to scan. While Colleges renting barcode scanners for fairs is a great way to gain more leads, it’s also an eco-friendly solution to previous paper-based systems.