Barcode Scanning App Helps Germans Avoid Dioxins in Eggs

Dioxins, chemicals that are byproducts of waste incineration, have been recently showing up in eggs in Germany, causing a major scare and virtually halting farm sales.

But, what does this have to do with barcodes? Well, one tech company, Barcoo, was able to quickly come up with an app for that.

In order to pick bad eggs out at the supermarket, consumers can get the barcode scanning app from Barcoo, type in the unique number found on each egg and voila, the app will tell you if that particular egg contains dioxin or not.

The app works by cross-referencing a list of serial numbers of products from suspect farms vs. numbers from safe facilities, ensuring that only eggs from safe facilities are purchased. If the egg happens to be organic, dioxin is not a risk and the app will be able to convey this information.

Although their app also scans barcodes for standard functions such as price checks, its important to enter each eggs individual number since a box can contain eggs from various farms.

Barcoo has seen a surge in their dioxon-checking applications, but approximately one in five Germans are steering clear of eggs all together.

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