Barcode Scanner Spotlight: Intermec SG20

Intermec’s new barcode scanner, the SG20, can help increase efficiency at the checkout line

intermec_sg20_barcodescanner The checkout line at the store can become a daunting task if it’s long and doesn’t seem to be moving quickly—both for the cashier and the consumer. Part of the reason for a slow checkout line could be the barcode scanner.

Legacy barcode scanners were good in their day, but now, there are faster, more efficient scanners to better suite your needs. Especially now that 2D barcode scanning is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Intermec recently released the SG20 handheld barcode scanner, which boasts the fastest 2D barcode imaging technology. It’s also ergonomically designed for countertop scanning applications, as used in retail. In addition, the Intermec SG20 barcode scanner features:

  • LED indicator
  • Bluetooth® wireless or cabled connectivity
  • Choice of imaging options—1D or 2D
  • Multi-purpose accessories
  • Seamless integration with point-of-sale systems, personal computers and other software solutions
  • Easy configuration with Intermec EasySet™

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