Barcode Printing for Small Businesses

There are many ways for a small business to print a barcode, but first, you should know your options. How you choose to print your barcodes will affect how you choose to scan them. Below is a list of common printer types and how they will affect your barcodes.

Laser Printers
If you have a laser printer and only need to print a few barcodes on a basic label, then using a laser printer is fine. However, they are definitely not suitable for mass production.

Dot Matrix
Using Dot Matrix printers to print barcodes is not recommended. Although they are typically used for jobs that do not require a lot of color, which would apply to barcode printing, they also do not provide a lot of quality. In order for your barcode to be scanned easily and properly, there needs to be a high level of quality with high contrast and strong line definition.

While inkjet printers are affordable, they should not be used for barcode printing because they canot provide a consistent level of quality that is needed when printing barcodes.

Thermal Printers
Thermal printers are the best choice for barcode printing, especially when using high-quality labels. Thermal printers easily replicate the exact width of each and every bar in the barcode and provide a high level of quality. Within the realm of thermal printers, there’s direct thermal and thermal transfer, which both offer a high print quality and scan rate.

As you can see, unless you only need a few barcodes printed, thermal printers are the way to go. They are reliable, precise, and efficient, taking all of the guesswork out of barcode printing.

If you’re interested in learning more about barcode printing, find out here. Don’t forget to pair thermal printers with the appropriate barcode software