Barcode Printer Terms

Choosing the right barcode printer can be overwhelming. Even after you’ve analyzed your needs, there’s still an array of terms to learn and understand, some unique to the manufacturer. Below is a list of terms commonly used to describe features of Intermec Barcode printers.

Automatic Barcode Adjustment
This feature is included on all Intermec smart printers, and allows the Fingerprint firmware to automatically re-adjust the barcode position slightly to the left or right in order to adjust for a detected fault dot.

Fingerprint is Intermec’s adaptable printer programming language that easily allows barcode data to be managed and seamlessly exchanged with a company’s host system, making it possible to customize printer functions.

Fault Dots
Fault dots are created by a failing printheads’ inability to apply ink at a specific location, creating thin white lines , thus causing the labels to become unreadable.

PLC, or Programmable Logic Controller, is a device used to automate industrial processes such as on/off control, timing, logic, counting, and sequencing.

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a data collection technology that uses electronic tags, made up of an RFID chip attached to an antenna for storing data. Tags can be battery-powered (active) or derive their power from the RF waves coming from the reader (passive).

SmartSystems Foundation
A software platform that provides a single, integrated environment for hands-free deployment and management of devices located anywhere in the enterprise.

XML, or extensible markup language, is a language designed to describe data and is emerging as the standard language for communicating data between dissimilar devices.

Plug-in software from Intermec that creates label files that are stored on any XMLReady printer on the network.

Produces barcode and RFID labels using XML data directly from ERP or other compatible systems.

Intermec printers that are ready for XML printing right out of the box.

Source: Intermec White Paper: smart printers