Barcode Piano

The Barcode piano was recently invented to allow children to explore the concept of barcodes through objects, or in this case, an interface consisting of a board, blocks, a button and piano-like sounds. By combining different barcode blocks, children can copy pre-designed barcode blocks and listen to the tunes they create. Each block creates a new tone, and whenever a barcode is complete, an entire tune will play. Basically, this “toy” reinforces that barcodes are unique and can be greatly affected by small changes, as illustrated by adding and removing blocks of a barcode to create different sounds.

The Barcode piano works by use of simple technology—each block contains a different resistor that makes it possible to distinguish it from the rest. When a block is placed on the Barcode Piano, it completes a circuit, enabling the block to be read and provide the appropriate sound output.

Watch as the Barcode Piano plays melodious music:

Barcode piano from trive on Vimeo.

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