Barcode Kingdom

Barcode Kingdom is an iOS game that requires users to scan real-world barcodes in order to build a virtual army to fight-off the bad guys.

In recent years, mobile barcodes, consumerism and the media have glorified barcodes. Not only are they used for their purpose on every item, but we’re also seeing them used for decorative purposes on everything from clothing to buildings.

Recently, I came across a game called Barcode Kingdom that uses barcodes both practically and for fun. Essentially, Barcode Kingdom is a role-playing game that allows you to scan real-world barcodes in order to create a virtual army amongst friends.

In the world Barcodia, the “magical” power of barcodes from the real world are a forced to be wreckoned with—scanning good barcodes from various units and items allows for creating a strong army capable against battling against monsters.

Hopefully as the popularity of the game increases, so will the trendiness of barcodes. Happy scanning!

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