Barcode DJ

While barcode art, barcode tattoos and barcode music may be a thing, you may not be aware of the latest barcode trend—barcode DJs.

Inspired by the sound of scanning groceries at the store, Slovakian musician Jakub Pišek has been performing at grocery stores as the Barcode DJ. By scanning items in the aisles and using the grocery cart to carry his speakers, Pišek and team make music.

Pišek got his start as the Barcode DJ in 2010 at an event called Nuit Blanche in Košice, Slovakia. While you may not think the sound of scanning a barcode is pleasant, Pišek described them as, “…monotone, but rich in rhythm, changing all the time, and there are a lot of them, so it is truly a multi-channel sound piece.”

While some of the Barcode DJ’s performances are scheduled, others are simply surprise visits, cart and speakers in tow—he’s even been asked to leave a store! Essentially, Pišek is “sound bombing” the grocery store!

Best of all, the Barcode DJ isn’t just about making catchy tunes, he collects data, resulting in a list of all the codes scanned.

Watch the Barcode DJ performing both a scheduled and unscheduled performance, below: