Barcode Clean Room Solutions

In order for clean room environments to reap the many benefits that barcode technology provides, they must take a different approach than most industries and applications.  A clean room is any environment that must be clean of nearly all particulate matter.  Particulate can be airborne, produced by manufacturing equipment, or even produced by workers in the clean room.  That’s’ why it’s important that processes and products are carefully chosen to minimize particulate matter.  Intermec offers a variety of clean room solutions that minimize the amount of particles and contamination that can threaten your clean room environment, including:

Permanent High Track Labels– labels with a strong adhesive that is engineered to adhere to low surface energy substrates

Ultra Removable Labels– labels with excellent removability from substrates

Standard Removable Labels– labels that adhere to totes or carriers, but leave little to no residue when removed

Clean Room Tags– developed for applications where there is zero tolerance for out-gassing from adhesive residue

Clean Room Ribbons– this ribbon is wound on a plastic core to reduce flaking, smearing and contamination

In addition to these five solutions, Intermec also offers a variety of features that are standard on their clean room products.  These features include adhesives that don’t stick to laboratory gloves, non-dust generating liners for tags and labels, and synthetic facesheets.  If you’d like more information about any of these Intermec solutions or products, please contact me at