Barcode Artist Brings Barcodes to Life!

Barcode artist Dmitry Morozov brings color and life to barcodes

When you think of barcode art, Scott Blake usually comes to mind, but now, there’s a new kind of barcode artist in town—meet Dmitry Morozov.

Morozov is a Moscow-based multimedia artist that transforms barcodes into works of abstract art. To do this, he created a device that is able to scan the barcode of an item and turn the encoded digits into artwork. Once the barcode is scanned, the device, which prints in full color, translates the information and prints out an image based on the data.

While most barcode art is in black and white, Morozov’s work are full color and he believes the artwork frees the barcodes from their digital existence and allows them to take on a new physical form, one with beauty, color and expression.

What’s the video below to see Morozov’s device bring the expression of a barcode to life!