Baltimore Gets Automated

Barcoding, Inc., and Marlin Steel Wire Products, both Baltimore-based companies, recently came together to create an RFID-based tagging solution for steel fabrications to automate inventory tracking. The solution offers protection for high value items throughout the supply chain. In addition, Marlin Steel is now able to add RFID tags to any steel product order.

This collaboration offers the ability to create one inventory management solution for production lines and other complex applications. In addition, the baskets can track high value items throughout the materials handling process. This eliminates traditional time-consuming manual processes and also reduces human error.

The RFID materials handling baskets are suited for those in the industrial, aerospace, automotive and medical/pharmaceutical industries who want to improve their inventory management and protect high-value inventory.

Learn what Presidents Drew Greenblatt, Marlin Steel, and Jay Steinmetz, Barcoding, have to say about the collaborative solution.