Balfour Adds QR Codes to Yearbooks

Balfour, a Texas-based company specializing in high school rings, yearbooks and graduation attire, has been experimenting with making high school yearbooks more interactive and memorable through the use of QR codes.

Photos from the high school musical, art show or sports game can all be accompanied by QR codes, which can link to a video that tells a story, making for timeless memories. Teens are always early adopters of technology, so why not make their coveted yearbooks something they can relate to, interact with and remember forever.

Balfour plans to host videos and other interactive content on their securely-hosted digital platform, BAL4.TV, which allows schools to experiment with the technology at an affordable price. The platform is simple to use and allows for secure hosting and streaming for up to 30 years! The BAL4.TV platform will be launched for the 2011-2012 school year and Balfour hopes to deliver on their “promise of technology by providing the interactivity that students crave….”

Would you like to have had QR codes in your yearbook? How do you think their addition will affect the student body’s perception of the yearbook? Let us know what you think by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.