Axcess 6100 Series – Automated Locker Systems

The Axcess 6100 Series are shallow-depth lockers, fully automated, which are perfect for storing and managing different handheld devices for example, radios, scanners, tools and instruments. In light of this, mentioned below are some of the most important benefits of these automated lockers systems:

Secure Access
You can have a more controlled access to the lockers fundamentally based on elements such as job designation, departments, day to day work objectives, etc.

Adaptable Functionality and Configurations
You can select your perfect dispensing solutions, creating them by choosing configurations from 4 heights and any 6 and 3-door combination for your compartment(s).

Efficient Footprint
The automated lockers are designed to be shallow and compact, which enables for high-density item storage, providing a more clearance.

A Wide Variety of User ID
You can select from numerous user-ID preferences, which include magnetic strip, keypad entry, barcode and proximity card.

Keep your Assets Charged
The compartments are designed to enable device charging via wire that can be attached to your device so that it is always ready to use.

The following are some of increasingly practical features of the Axcess 6100 series:

Secure Check-out and Check-In
The automated lockers provide for an increasingly efficient check-out and check-in for high-cost scanners, tools, diagnostic equipment and radios. Plus, the lockers also provide a recorded usage for your assets. This way you can also know which item has been checked-out and the date of return.

Automated Alerts for Loan Periods and Service
You can adjust your loan periods for a plethora of users as well as devices and receive immediate alerts when the items become overdue.

Secure Calibrated Assets
Accurately secure and maintain time-stamped records and documentation when it comes to item service. You can also precisely maintain calibrated records in case of quality certification programs.

Select from Numerous, Flexible Locker Configurations

Mentioned below are the various configurations of Axcess 6100 automated lockers you can choose from:

Axcess 6109.2
• 2-high, 9-door locker
• Height – 752 mm
• Weight – 54.4 kg

Axcess 6112.3
• 3-high, 12-door locker
• Height – 1059 mm
• Weight – 72.6 kg

Axcess 6118.4
• 4-high, 18-door locker
• Height – 1367 mm
• Weight – 81.6 kg

Axcess 6124.6
• 6-high, 24-door locker
• Height – 1367 mm
• Weight – 113.3 kg

Additional Specifications for Axcess 6124.6

The interior of the compartments measure 112mm H x 279mm W x 277 D. The floor bold-down components and kits, components for wall stability and pedestal mounts can be bought separately. You can also buy additional compartment configurations.

The Technology that Drives the Axcess 6100 Series
Trajectory Cloud is the innovations and technology backing the smart automated locker systems series. Our program is the heart and soul of making these lockers highly efficient, practically implementable and superb performing. You will have an accurate data of who used what item, where he used and when he used it – and you will be getting notifications on a 24/7 basis.

You can even conveniently automate set up notifications as well as replenishments to enhance the management of the lockers for easy maintenance and calibration.

Apex Connect n’ Go Technology makes it Overly Simple to Implement
All Axcess technologies are designed to be easy to implement via online appliances (MS Windows-free). The devices are powered by Apex’s Connect n’ Go technology – which means all you have to do is plug the device in, connect to the internet and voila, you are all set!

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