AT&T Create-a-Code

These days, the are so many different types of mobile barcodes out there aside from QR codes—JAGTAG, Microsoft Tag,Bokode—just to name a few, that its hard for users to decide which on to choose. Once a type of 2D barcode is chosen, its also important to consider your audience- will people be able to download the correct reader to scan the proprietarty barcode that you chose?

Allow me to add another proprietary barcode into the mix, the AT&T Create-a-Code. Like Microsoft Tag, it requires uses to download its own special reader, but unlike Microsot Tag, it does not have a distinctive look. To the untrained eye, the AT&T Code looks very similar to a standard QR code, which could cause confusion when it comes time to scan. I even came across another blogger, who, at first glance, tried to scan the AT&T Code with a standard reader.

Although the Crete-a-Code app is supported on Android and Blackberry, it was not always supported on the iPhone, which I find to be quite odd, but at least it is now.

Have you ever seen or used AT&T’s Create-a-Code? How do you feel about proprietary 2D barcodes in general—would it be nice if everyone just used open source QR codes, or do you like to have different options? Let us know how you feel by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.