Are Your RFID Tags Fashionable?

It’s no secret that RFID tags are making a major impact in the world of fashion retail—between inventory and cycle counting, it just makes sense. But, should you go with a single use or reusable RFID tag?

Reusable UHF RFID tags are now easy to come by, but are they the right choice for you? Whether or not the transponder is disposable or reusable, it should perform equally as well. Single use RFID tags are usually low in cost, whereas reusable tags are initially more expensive, yet able to be recirculated, decreasing the total cost of ownership.

There’s also the logistical side of things to consider. The logistics of returning reusable tags can become frustrating if not properly planned and supported by data management, however, disposable tags pose a privacy risk and need to be deactivated at the POS. In addition, it can be difficult in terms of logistics to pair reusable RFID tags with the proper items in an accurate and efficient way.

There’s no right or wrong answer in choosing a disposable or reusable RFID tag in the world of fashion retail—it’s all about your business needs and what works best for you. Taking basics into consideration, disposable tags are a great choice for supporting source tagging with high volumes in a controlled supply chain. Reusable tags would be better for starting smaller applications.

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