Are You Sure an All-in-One Mobility Bundle Is the Right Choice?

An all-in-one mobility bundle sounds like a good solution on the surface. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these bundles typically use an operating system that doesn’t match the one that your information systems use. They tend to be limited to running software for mobile tasks, and running your back-office interface software is usually not an option.

That’s not the only concern. Some companies that have made the switch to all-in-one solutions later regretted it because of the weak integration it offered with vertical workflows, peripherals and systems. Solution providers typically do not choose the top option for every single mobile solution component. Manufacturers, utilities, and field service organizations might prefer to approach this by first choosing the right software for their back office that also suits their budget, and then look for mobile devices that will work with them. It’s also important to choose the accessories that work best with your workflow and avoid getting distracted by unnecessary features.

Don’t Believe the Consumer-Grade Device Hype

Another common problem with the all-in-one approach is the heavy reliance on devices geared toward consumers. The companies offering the all-in-one solutions are usually looking to keep costs down and profits up, so they might try to sell you on the advantages of consumer devices like iPads. In particular, they might draw attention to the quick user onboarding of popular devices. However, they fail to mention how long it takes to on-board these consumer devices inside professional IT environments. That’s because the application is what most heavily influences the user’s experience, not the operating system.

They also won’t mention the high failure rate of these devices in the field because they are not usually rugged enough to stand up to the job. Many consumer devices have screens that break easily or are difficult to see in the sun, for example, and this can leave you with a worker who can’t perform their job, an unhappy customer who can’t get service, or a frustrated IT professional who needs to spend their valuable time reconfiguring everything.

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