Are You Ready for Item-Level RFID?

We recently discussed item-level RFID in retail, but regardless of your industry, it’s important to make sure that item-level RFID is right for you.

DC Velocity recently reported on the subject of item-level rfid, citing that companies that have implemented item-level tracking are achieving inventory accuracy rates of between 98 and 99.99 percent, increasing sales from 4 to 21 percent. Despite such impressive results, it’s important to stop and ask—are you ready for item-level RFID?

Consider it if any of the following applies to you:

  • You’re inventory accuracy issues can’t be solved with barcodes—it would take too long to individually scan items
  • You’re tracking higher-priced items—RFID tags are becoming more affordable, but still add to costs
  • Your systems are coordinated and data is synchronized—you can’t start item-level RFID if you’re not organized
  • You have items offered in different varieties, such as sizes or colors
  • You have items with a short sales window, such as seasonal items

While implementing an item-level RFID program has many benefits, it does not make sense if your company is not ready, or your items are inexpensive.
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