ARBOR Mobile POS System – Winner of 2016’s Taiwan Excellence Award

Arbor has become one of the most prominent, recognized and reputed providers of embedded computing innovations and solutions. It is the front-runner for developing new and faster components for increasing computing efficiencies, providing maximum processing power for a range of computing applications. Recently, Arbor has also announced the launch of its HORECA-0975, which is an innovative dual-mode mobile POS system.

Furthermore, the HORECA-0974 also won the company this year’s Taiwan Excellence Award. The POS system was primarily awarded for the system’s extremely cutting-edge design, superior configuration quality and the innovation that led to an implementation of the idea of ecosystem services. For 23 years and counting, the Taiwan Excellence Award has been considered as the highest, most recognized and prestigious award. This year alone, there was a plethora of products nominated, up to 1,180, which belonged to a total number of 498 companies.

Out that many products, Arbor was awarded the accolade for its magnificent HORECA-0975. The product was primarily awarded based on the following primary indicators:

1. Research & Development
2. Superior Design
3. Superior Quality of Functionality
4. Marketing
5. Made in Taiwan

This accolade for superior innovation bears great testimony to the fact that Arbor has become a leader embedded competence technology, cutting-edge innovation and high-speed marketing functionalities and capabilities.

Arbor’s HORECA-0975 is a highly adaptive and versatile, not to mention flexible POS system that amalgamates all the good and efficient features of a smart tablet, a PC and a handheld device. The tablet too is designed to feature an in-built barcode reader and scanner, a camera, Wi-Fi functionality and a Bluetooth module. With the all these features and capabilities considered, there is no doubt about the fact that the HORECA-0975 is ideally designed for boosting the operation efficiencies of all types of warehouse operation and processes.

When the tablet is mounted on a docking station, it transforms into a high-processing desktop Point of Sale for numerous front-desk as well as tableside applications. The turnaround axis is of the handheld device play is pivotal role in boosting warehouse management and functionalities and can also be considered the primary highlight of the entire systems.

The HORECA-0975 is also designed with MSR and RFID/NFC options and functionality, which enable the POS device to act as a remote system for electronic identification as well as efficiently processing mobile payment transactions.

Arbor’s HORECA-0975 is built with a 9.7 inch multi-touch screen, boasting LED display – the technology behind the device is based on Intel ® Celeron processing, which also supports Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.0/8.1/10 operating systems.

All in all, Arbor’s entire POS system focuses on efficiently integrating a multitude of hardware devices, mobile transactions, processing electronic invoice as well as cloud-based applications – which have been specifically integrated to cater to the requirements and specifications of all types of vertical markets.
Arbor has announced the launch of its HORECA-0975 POS system a month from now in March 2016.

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