Application Services from Zebra to Modernize Mobile Environments

It’s no surprise that as many as 15 million mobile computers were sold and then deployed since 2010. It may be a surprise, however, that as many as 99% of those devices are on an operating system which will be defunct by 2020. The outcome of this is that $12 billion worth of mobile computer hardware and software need to be replaced in the next four years.

In order to meet this demand, Zebra Technologies is launching a full set of Software Application Services which will provide comprehensive support for IT concerns, such as modernizing legacy applications so that they can support the most recent mobile operating systems and the development of next generation mobile infrastructure strategies. If you or your company are finding that mobile device operating systems, hardware, or perhaps CPU or WLAN connectivity are having a negative impact on your ability to provide support to operational and business needs, Zebra’s most recent range of services can provide a solution.

Their Application Services give customers and partners the ability to future-proof application development platforms and make productivity gains by doing away with the need for troubleshooting third party application requirements. In addition, they provide support for issues that can lead to unnecessary downtime and loss of productivity. Any hardware that is running mission-critical business applications will have full support well beyond 2020, with software app services set up to cover the entire life cycle.

The new portfolio of service offerings and tools provided by Zebra will elevate customers who are already on next generation devices and give new definition to mobility strategies for their operating systems as well as business applications. Some specific offerings within Zebra’s suite of Application Services include:

• App Virtualization: Zebra’s version of App Visualization provides those in possession of legacy Windows applications with the ability to run on next-generation mobile environments without modifications, while also providing a modernized UX (User Experience).
UX Prototyping: Zebra developers now have the capability to create functional user experiences that can be delivered within a few days, helping customers to see how their app will appear and how it works.
App Migration: Zebra will help their customers to find new ways to envision, engineer and write applications so that they can run on a modern OS. This will maximize productivity and bring down costs associated with maintaining old software.